Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Impacted Schools Fray My Nerves!

I don't think I mentioned on the blog that the kid's new elementary school was an impacted school. What does that mean, you ask?  It means that due to  a few of the local schools closing due to budget issues last year, those kids all had to fit into other schools.  That meant that those kids have first pick of the school they want to go to.  So, since we switched schools at the end of last year, registering after the other kids, if our kids home school that they are supposed to go to is already full, then my kids get bumped out of their home school to whatever school has room, even if it's in another district.

If you are in a school that is overcrowded, it's called an impacted school, which their new school was.  So, remember me blogging at the end of last year about switching schools?  Well, I chose not to mention that while Sophie was safe in her grade, 1st grade was impacted, and Myles was on the list of kids who could be bumped out.  Which meant I would have had 3 kids at 3 different schools, possibly not even in the same town.

I was told this at the beginning of summer.  Actually, what I was told was, "Don't think that just because you've turned in your registration papers that everything is fine and your all set. You are probably going to be bumped because first grade is very full."  Nice. Thanks. Now I can worry about that all summer.  See, no matter what he would start at his home school, and then the district has the first 3 weeks of school to decide if, and who gets bumped and where to put them.  So while I have really been enjoying this whole walking the kids to and from school everyday....I've been trying not to settle into too much of a comfortable routine because I did not know if it would last or not.  It also meant I held off on joining any of the school stuff, getting the kids school shirts, or volunteering for anything.

Well we finally found out tonight that he's safe!  One kid did get bumped, but just to another class, not another school. Which means he's safe now all the way through the rest of elementary school since it's our home school.  I'm so relieved. 

And you better believe I signed up for a bunch of stuff, starting off with a good, old fashioned School Carnival, complete with a cake walk and everything!
I know most of you could not care less about this, but it's been a source of stress all summer, so the fact that I can relax about it is blog worthy!


  1. I am so happy for you. I know how disappointed you would have been not to work the school carnival. ;) So glad Myles and Sophie get to stay together at that school. Luv U

  2. Oh wow - I would have been so stressed over that!I cannot believe that they would consider breaking up siblings like that - that's a bit insane! In any case, I'm thrilled it worked out (although likely not nearly as thrilled as you!).