Monday, September 9, 2013

3718 acres, 20% Contained

Tuesday morning report-fire 45% contained and acres burned revised down to 3200.
Pictures I took from Wall road this morning, between 10:45 and noon.  Heading out of Castle Rock, you would never know there was a fire.

(I have to say, before you all look at these, I now to some it may just seem like picture after picture of smoke. To us, it's so much more than that.  You all know this is my mountain, my trails, my pigs, bunnies, deer, frogs.  I watched this fire moving around on the ridge and knew what was burning.
It's heartbreaking to watch it burn.)

 Heading up Dusty I started to see the smoke.
 I think I may have been following a big animal.  On a serious note, use caution when out on whatever trails are open. Wildlife will be coming down off the mountain and in areas not normally seen.  Be aware.

 I was positive I would see flames come up over that ridge any minute.  I knew it would happen, but was really afraid of what that would mean for the front of the mountain.

 About now I text Brian asking what the news was saying because I was looking at the front of the mountain, above the ranch, and seeing flames. He said, no, it's heading the opposite direction.  Sorry Brian and the news, but I was watching flames with my own two eyes coming up over the ridge and starting down the front.

 For perspective,    **** right where those 4 stars are is the ranch you pass on the drive up the mountain that is off of Stage Road and Buckeye trail loop.  You can also see the towers on the ridge just left of the smoke.

 This really freaked me out...I watched it form, swirl, and then go away.

 Every time the flames would be visible from the front of the mountain, the planes would come in and get it put out, but while I was there they came over 3 times. They just kept coming back.

 If you look at the right of the picture you can see 2 of the 4 trucks I saw going up, they are white, not red.

 That is where I stood for over an hour in disbelief. I was not in danger, although I did find out the park is closed when I got home. I entered from a regional park that was open, so didn't know.

 I would think it was burning away from the towers and then there would be flames again going towards them.
 Eventually I had to head down. This was just turning to my left, you'd never know there was a fire.
 Stay safe little bunny.
 This is about when I realized I was really burnt and had been in the heat too long.  Made me really feel upset that there are over 700 men/women on the mountain in full gear fighting a fire in mid 90 temps.
Odd timing on this shot. If you follow the brown hill across the picture from the left, you'll see a tanker plane that looks like it's sitting on the ridge.  It was actually flying back there, not resting on the ridge.

There's fire updates and info here, as well as info on how to donate.

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  1. Wow. You got some amazing shots (that "tornado" is pretty scary). This is all remarkably depressing.