Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Please take a minute to look at these amazing photos of the hard working fire fighters getting the job done on Diablo. These are taken and shared with us by the fire fighters up there. 
I can't explain  how hot that mountain is, even when it's actually only in the 80's it feels so much hotter, and that is in running clothes, which are pretty minimal. I try to explain it here on the blog, but it's a heat that you have to experience to doesn't just come from the sun above, it radiates up from the ground.  I can not imagine wearing what they wear and carrying all the gear they do, plus the weather being in the 90's, plus having the heat from the fire.
Really amazing, guys.

Thank you all so much for your hard work.  This fire could have been much worse if not for all your hard work!
In addition, can I just say how disgusting it is that someone robbed 2 of the local fire stations while these guys were away fighting this fire. Seriously disgusting. Guys had their wedding rings stolen out of their lockers.  I guarantee you it wasn't a trail runner. We've got nothing but love for these guys!


  1. Wow - great pictures (I love the one that looks like it has course ribbons hanging from a tree). These people are amazing for what they endure and accomplish. The people that broke into those firehouses are seriously defective.

    1. I noticed the ribbons, too : )
      Depending on the new dates for Diablo, I'd sure like to do it this year!
      I know it could mess with your future race plans, but I'm hoping the new date is in October. I'd love to do that 13.1 in a cooler month. Plus, I know I'm weird about my mt, but I really think it could use a break for a few weeks on those upper trails, and if we could get one day of rain, or a few mornings of morning mist on all the ash, it'll do wonders for the air quality up on top.