Thursday, May 5, 2016

Coming up for Air

Just a quick life blurb-

Things are super busy as always, especially with the school year wrapping up.  It's been a productive year, school wise. If you've been around the blog for a while you've no doubt picked up on a few things here and there, but lets just say we've had a long, 3 year battle trying to figure out Myles and what would be best from an educational standpoint.  While we have a pretty good grasp of what cards Myles has been dealt, convincing the school has been a long and expensive process....but finally paid off this year. We were finally able to get him qualified through the school district for services and accommodations that should make life easier for him while he's at school.  That was a huge, huge victory, almost surreal after 3 years to finally hear them say, after they did their own assessments and evaluations, and after presenting them with all his medical history, that yes, indeed, we have been right all these years and he will get the help he needs.  Yay, Myles!!

Emma and Sophie are most likely going to end the year with straight A's, all year long! They are both at what could be called transitions years. For Sophie, this was her first year of middle school, for Emma, her last year of middle school. Sophie has done exceptionally well, and entered the "shirt" leadership program.  Each year they can earn the next shirt color up by maintaining 15 extra credit points in PE, being a leader among peers, and helping the PE teachers record stats.  Emma has some exciting projects she's wrapping up. One included needing 5 hours of volunteer work, which she got by volunteering at an adventure race last weekend, on Angel Island.  She also is working on a leadership project hoping it earns her the coveted "black shirt" that is the final shirt in a 3 year program. She was also nominated by the school staff for 8th grade student of the year, and has to complete a time capsule as part of the nominee process.   So, yeah....exciting times around our house as we wrap up the school year.  Of course there's also 8th grade awards assembly, graduation, and all the 8th grade activities like picnics and bowling night and a color run.

Brian has been in New Orleans since Sunday for work related stuff.  He's sending us some pretty cool pictures and descriptions of food he's a bacon and gator dog?? Yum, maybe.. While he was away I made a king size headboard out of reclaimed wood.  That was a total blast and in a different life I would totally get into wood working and making things....maybe when the kiddos are raised.  For now it's a fun hobby.  I loved being in the garage with my music playing working on it. 
I'm excited for Brian to get home and see it in person. : )
 For curious minds...our previous queen bed moved to Sophie's room, along with an awesome sunset wall that was a blast to paint!

We have a camping trip coming up the end of this month, totally looking forward to that.  And then a busy, but short, summer begins. Have I said yet that Emma starts high school Aug 1? She has a week of orientation, and then starts the following week.  We have a lot of exciting, fun things planned this summer though, so hopefully she'll feel like she had a nice break before starting up again in Aug.

Ok, well, believe it or not, there are till more spring break posts to come, hopefully I get those done before summer starts, lol.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Aug 1? Wow is that early! So cool about all the kids, but the Myles news is really exciting! And who wouldn't want a bacon gator dog? I'll bet it doesn't shed.