Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Drift Creek Falls, Lincoln City, OR

 In the months leading up to our trip, I had ordered some brochures from the city of Lincoln City, OR.  One of the brochures mentioned this hike.  It looked like something we'd enjoy, but wasn't officially on the schedule. We intentionally left 2 days open w/no plans, to just do whatever we felt like....and we ended up feeling like taking a hike!  It was beautiful. It was only about 4 miles, round trip.

 She's a tad protective of her little bro and there's no way she was letting him near the edge of the bridge!

 Emma does not do heights, and it took about all she had to get over that bridge.

 This kid doesn't like to eat, and physical activity wipes him out...he was happy, though, and had fun...he's just tired, and I was making him eat a cliff bar.

It's really worth the dicey drive to find this hike! It was really pretty. I forgot how much I like moss and ferns!

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  1. I'm with Emma - that bridge is too dicey. Beautiful trail and waterfall though. But that bridge…