Thursday, June 16, 2016


Well, we are a week in!  The last week of school was a blur, there was Myles class party and field day, Emma's 8th grade award ceremony, and a 8th grade graduation ceremony, and Sophie's award ceremony, and Ancient Civilization Day.  We also had a reception here at the house after Emma's award ceremony with a few friends, and a dinner out with a few friends on the last day of school to celebrate 8th grade graduation. Sophie and Myles got end of the year gifts, too.  I'm once again super proud of my kids! I'll post pics of awards later when I can get them to load, but both girls got both academic awards, and character awards, and recognition from different departments for hard work, like PE and Spanish.

This week has also been busy. I tried to keep 3 days free, as things pick up as we get ready to head out of town, and then we are flying until July....but there's always something going on here. We've done 2 hikes, Sophie got thrown from a horse for the first time out at the ranch she helps out at, camp outs, friends over to roast around the fire and stay up late, high school classes to prep for Em's online courses over the summer (she gets 5 credits before even starting freshman year, it was optional, but she's not one to turn down optional things), orthodontist appointments, going to the $1 movie, yarn shopping with Myles....there's just always stuff, even on our days I try to keep empty : )

We leave town this weekend for a week of So Cal. (Don't bother robbing us, we have a house sitter and a killer dog) Some beach time, some disney time, whatever we feel like doing on each day...we'll do. If it's super packed at Disney, we'll opt for the beach during the day and disney at night.  Weather will be super hot, so beach sounds good! The girls are taking surfing lessons, so that'll be fun!

We get back, and 2 days later family arrives, the week before our district convention (you may or may not know what this is, and that's ok), and more family arrives during and stays the week after. It'll be a special convention for our Sophie : ) This is the visit I've alluded to that involved all the beds moving around. We are super excited to have everyone, it hasn't happened in 19 years, so we are really excited!

And that takes us right into July.  I plan on posting lots, when I can! Hope you are all having a great summer! BTW, for our WA family who may think CA summers are all sun and's in the 60's here today and I have a pot of chili cooking.  We should be in the 90's.

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