Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PBR & Life

With Brian and I heading towards our 20th anniversary, this whole year is full of smaller "20th anniversaries".  Now, I am horrible at remembering dates of things, but Brian is not.  It's scary some times.  So when he started saying we had plans the weekend of Jan 28th because it was the 20th anniversary of something....I was totally stumped.  Turns out, it was the anniversary of taking him to his first PBR event in Portland, OR.   While I didn't remember the date, I vividly remember that day.  My dad got into an argument at dinner with a dad who was loudly swearing at his son at a nearby table.  Then, a cowboy hit his head on the chutes during a pre show and fell to the dirt having a seizure.  It was horrible.   20 years later, we loaded up the kids and headed to Sacramento for a night of PBR, minus the drama.

Ok, well, there was a little drama getting driving to the wrong stadium, parking issues, will call issues, getting to our seats after the start, not eating dinner till 12:30a.m....thus the kids faces in this pic right after we finally got there....

 If you follow PBR at all, you know that name.  We got to see him ride twice, once in the go round, and again during the 15/15 challenge.

   Ok, so this is where the guys you hear on tv are filming their intro, and then doing commentary during the event.  It was airing live on tv. They threw a black blanket over the monitors, filmed the intro, then hurried and sat down, removed blanket, and put on their head sets.

 Ok, so the first event is over.  After that, they filmed the 15/15 buck off challenge, which aired the following day on TV.  So the guys you saw on that show had already rode about an hour earlier.  This was a big match up as JB is the best, and Asteroid is the new top ranked bull since Bushwacker retired. JB is also fresh back after a hip injury.  That long crane has a camera on the end, it's what gets you the chute shots for tv.

 Hey mom, if you look close you can see the feather in his hat.

  This is right outside the gate where the boys do their tv interview right after they ride.

 This was the winner of the night -

20 years...from 'just friends' to married with 2 teens and a 10 yr old. Crazy how fast it all goes by. busy.  Nothing exciting really, just busy.  In the works are redoing 2 of the kids rooms, and getting another dog.  We are looking into a dog just for Myles, possibly a therapy dog for ADHD, anxiety, and OCD.  Best case scenario we get a therapy dog, worst case we get a dog that is just his, bonded with him, sleeps with him. It really calms his to cuddle and pet, but our current dog is very much mine, so it's not ideal, hard to get him to snuggle with anyone other than me. Oh,'s time to start looking into the drivers ed and learners permit situation for Emma.
Hope you are all well!


  1. Ha ha ha - Emma out shopping for either an F250 or a Corvette! Fun times! Congrats on the 20 years! I like that whole celebrating the minor milestones thing. (I made up a day called Half Day - the day that Diane had been married to me as long as she hadn't been. It doesn't really make sense, but we had fun with it.)

    1. Your Half Day doesn't sound random at all. Brian and I have talked about that a lot actually. I turned 20 the week before we got this anniversary I will have been married for the same amount of time I wasn't. It's odd to think about it like that.

  2. First.....Emma can not drive! Second, my big brother remembers birth, so all the things you forget he will bring up. and Third, If you cant get a therapy dog, cockaliers are amazing cuddly snuggle love dogs. ;)
    Cant wait to see you all!