Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saturday on the Mountain

Getting my yearly state park pass hit at about the same time Uncle David gifted Emma his nice camera.  We begged Emma to take one fun elective this year instead of all academic classes.  She took photo, but was not thrilled.  However, she has ended up loving photo!  So when my pass arrived, she asked if we could spend a few hours on the mountain shooting.  You never have to ask me twice to head for the mountain! She doesn't have a site yet for posting her pictures, but here's a few from my perspective.

We had a great day!  It happened to be a day the mountain was filled with a few hundred trail runners for Brazen Racing's Diablo Trail Challenge, and yet we only stumbled across a handful at the Burma crossing near the aid station. It was fun taking pictures of what looked like empty beautiful hills, but knowing the hills were actually full of runners!


  1. Digital cameras have really revolutionized the photo taking process - being able to get instant feedback on the pictures I'm sure helps immensely. So cool that Emma is getting into this (and that you have such a great area in your "backyard" to practice!).

    Sorry we missed you there (Diane did the 10K and I did the 5K). It was great to see the creeks all flowing with vigor!

    1. Sorry we missed you guys, too! It really snuck up on us this year. Emma loves her new digital camera! It's so nice to have someone in the family who knows what all those buttons and settings mean. She really, really loved film, which they focused on most of the school year. I have some great black and white's she developed from Disneyland : )