Saturday, April 8, 2017

Quick Update w/Pics!

I can't believe I let almost a month go by without a post. Oops! Things have been busy as usual.  Emma had a great time on her trip and did just fine w/o us. Sniff, sniff.  While she was gone, Sophie, who never asks for anything...asked for a dog. Of her own.  Rarely does she ask for anything, or tell us what would make her happy, so we immediately headed straight to ARF and let her pick out a dog.  We ended up with a clumber/cocker spaniel mixed with something short.  He's a big fluffy doofy boy, about a year they think.  He acts like a total puppy, making a mess and eating shoes. But, Sophie's happy, so it was a parental win...which get harder to come by the older she gets.  Its's been a busy few weeks with lots of special activity going on, but it's happy work.  Spring Break is just about over.  Brian took the week off.  We did a few days in Disneyland, painted a few bedrooms, slept in, ate out, and relaxed!  Here's a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Myles newly painted room.  If you look close you can spot Lumiere and Cogsworth on his shelves.
A little shopping has been done for this Tuesday : )

Emma's room after painting and all her canvas's came.

Last morning in the park, the girls waited 2 hours for Soaring, it was broke down and only one theater was working, so the line moved super slow. 

My boys in Cars Land.

Poutine at Gaston's tavern, the Red Rose.

My pizza.  Disney food has come along way since I was a kid.

The famous "Gray Stuff" that is mentioned in the song "Be Our Guest".  It was filled with raspberries and indeed was "delicious".

We sat for 2 hours to see the Main Street Electrical Light Parade...which has many floats missing, and new ones added in, and lots of big empty gaps....not the same as the olden days.

We had one day of beautiful weather like this.

Back home, walking the boys on the trail behind our house.
Walking to pick up Myles from school and the sky was so pretty!

We made folders to help hold our things we use in our volunteer work.

This one is mine, I love the buck tape and the wood paper!

The boys walk really well together.

For some reason, Brian and my bed is the place to be for these two.
Hope you all have been well!

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