Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Growing Up

This little kiddo.  What a stinker she was! Our little Sweety Peety. Everyone said time would fly by. Everyone said as hard as these days can be, enjoy them, because you will miss it.  As young parents there's a tendency to shrug off such words of wisdom.  Especially with 3 little ones at home and what seemed like never ending long days. First you can't wait for them to be able to sit up on their own.  Then we want them to crawl.  Can't wait for them to walk. So excited to get them, one by one, out of bottles, pacifiers, diapers.  Celebrate the first time you leave the house w/no diaper bag or stroller. Are amazed one day that you've gone from 3 car seats to none.  Can't wait for them to start school, and yet hate for them to start school.  Always excited for the next milestone, and all too often not stopping to enjoy the moment we are currently at.  And the thing is...once the time is gone, there's no going back. Without realizing it, those precious early years everyone told you to enjoy are done and over. I'm guilty of all of the above, and yet very grateful that I was/am able to be a stay at home mom during those early years.  I tried my hardest to soak it all in, but I do so wish I could have enjoyed it a smidge more, soaked it up more, cleaned house less and stayed more in the present. The older they get, the more I miss those early years we had together.

My first born Emma, leaves tomorrow for a 4 day trip.  She's off to Sacramento with her school's HOSA group for the state HOSA convention. She's staying at a Hyatt, rooming with other gals in her HOSA club.  Tomorrow she signs up for whatever conferences and competitions she wants to go to.  Then, she's on her own until dinner time each night, when her group meets up again. She's responsible for her own breakfast and lunch and getting where she needs to be.  They are right across the street from the convention center.

We spent this past Saturday shopping for her HOSA Blues....the required blue business suit, white shirt, dress shoes, matching purse, etc.  Travel size everything, new make up bag, all her snacks....and tomorrow morning we put her in a car with people we don't know and send her off to Sacramento. Our little Sweety Peety.

 She finished her CERT course and now is reevaluating her future medical career.  Originally she was thinking Physical Therapist.  Now she's thinking search and rescue with a side of EMT.  She came home from her final class with all of her gear - hard hat with CERT on the side and a headlamp and splash guard for the helmet...her green CERT vest, green CERT back pack filled with her emergency response equipment -her whistle, bandages and wraps of all sort, fabric scissors, duct tape.  She explained that since she wouldn't have a backboard the best way to stabilize a person is to duct tape them sitting upright in a chair....4 colors of tape- you don't want to be black taped, fyi - red chalk to mark the houses she's searched with info like #of dead/survivors....blankets and gowns...and lots more gear I can't remember but she'd be happy to talk to you for hours about.
In the blink of an eye, she's grown up! I'm feeling that more right now than ever.  I hope she thoroughly enjoys her next 4 days and the amazing experience she'll have.  I'm so proud of her for being willing to get out there and sign up for all these great adventures and pursuing her interest in the medical field.  I'm so proud of her, and at the same time I so miss my little Sweety Peety!


  1. YIKES!!! Four days??? She'll do great and have a great time - so cool she's getting this opportunity!

    And seriously, her future boyfriends need to know about "Sweet Peety"!

  2. Yes, I have tears in my eyes. You and Brian have done such a great job of spending quality time as a family. No matter how much you slow down to cherish each moment it can never be enough. You always want a little bit more. I only know this to be true because you, Beth, are my Sweety Peety.

  3. Totally agree with your sentiments in the first paragraph. :-( It goes by too fast! We heard that cliche too, but until you have to experience it for yourself it's hard to understand just how fast it all goes by. That is so cool that she wants to get into rescue work. I still wish I kept up my EMT cert. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

    1. We are all so excited for this summer!! I can't wait to have all the cousins together. Emma will talk medical stuff with you for hours : )