Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Got A New Phone!

 Man you guys, I hate change! I've needed a new phone for the past year.  We have some sort of free upgrade deal w/TMobile where after a period of time, you can upgrade your phone for there's been no excuse. I could have upgraded years ago, actually.  But, the thought of it stressed me out. Brian would ask almost every weekend if I wanted my new phone.  I'd say no, I'm not in the right mood, I'm too stressed, just the thought makes me nervous....I stalled.  But, randomly, this past Saturday we got in the car to go grocery shopping and I heard these words come out of my mouth - "I think I can handle getting a new phone today."
In honor or the special event of putting on my big girl panties and finally getting a new phone, I give you the first photos taken with said phone :)

 Above, this hill usually looks scrappy, it's a sulfUr spring...but the recent storms caused a lot of the hill to come down.  If you look close you can see one lonely but brave cow up there on top.
 Below, you can see the damage caused by a flooded Pine Creek, the creek that flows through Castle Rock park.  Lots of mud left.
 I love a steaming fence post.

Below, that's a steaming tree, hard to tell, but the whole right side was steaming. Gotta get up early, and head out when it's cold, but the suns starting to warm stuff up, to see so much steam action.

  Another steaming fence post.
 These boys are good buddies.  They made a boat, and floated it down the creek behind our house. Also, these creek pictures are from Brian's phone, not mine, but I still wanted to share them.

 Here they are making it.

  Emma and Kona nearly went for a swim when the creek ended up being deeper than she thought.

 At the end of this hike it started pouring and we made a mad dash for the truck. Good times.
 Above, that's a good look at the trail conditions around Castle Rock right now.  Super muddy, and cows are grazing on the lower trails, so there's deep holes...full of mud.  Hiking it isn't bad, but man o man....I would not want to run through here.
Also, lots of landslides on/around the trails.  Things are pretty water logged, too.  Usually the day after a rain, the trail is already dry...not so now.  I've been out a few times this week and it's just not drying out at all.  For out o towners, we have had a few dry days down here, so usually, we'd already be dry again.

Anyways, now that I have the phone, I do love it.  They make it so easy now to transfer everything from your old phone to your new phone.  Also, I have space to download apps, which my old phone had no space for anything useful app that has been fun!

Emma's UC Davis trip happened.  She mostly loved that there are hammocks around campus, which she chilled out in and sent me a pic.  We sent her with money for the campus store...she came home with a graphing calculator.  She's nerdy like her papa! I would have gone for a sweatshirt.  She did learn about some of the medical classes, so there was some useful info involved.  Probably also a good spot to point out that if any locals have heard about the CVCHS scandal on the news.....she had no pics in her phone!


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  1. Congrats on the new phone! Transitioning is never fun, but the new, more powerful phones are pretty stunning and worth the upgrade (and you likely won't have to do it again for a while). The mud and trail damage is really remarkable this spring. Brazen's Badger Cove race is in danger because the park is mostly closed due to all the damage. Maybe another week of dry weather will help that out. It will be fun if Diablo actually has serious creek crossings this year!