Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lets go For a Trail Run!

With all the training and road running we have been doing, it has been too long since we have done a trail run. I would say trail running is our first love as far as running goes, although we don't' get to do nearly enough. We have to time them between training and any road races that we have on the calender. This is mostly due to the high probability of me falling, or one of us sustaining some other sort of injury that we need time to recover from before "the next race". It is such a privilege to live in an area where the trails are beautiful, abundant, and challenging! I've promised Em a few 5k's again this summer and I can't wait, especially after watching this video.
Here's a neat video made up north in WA. It has some great trail footage, and some great incite on Trail Running. Enjoy!

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