Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Weekend Report

We had a beautiful weekend here in CA! We've had sunny and comfy weather all weekend which was great! The weekend started off with us scrapping our Friday night run...part of the beauty of not training for anything currently! Instead, we headed out in search of a green tie for Brian to have for Memorial. After McCaulou's and Ross, we found just the right one at Target. We will now officially all look springy and match in some way.

Saturday morning we had a work party at the Kingdom Hall in preparation for the Memorial on Tuesday. We don't actually have our Memorial at the Hall, we rent a place in Lafayette and meet with another congregation. The Korean Congregation does meet at the Hall though, so thus the work party. Emma and Brian got up and headed down to the Hall and Emma was thrilled to weed the flowerbeds for a few hours.

After that, we set out on our first long run since the marathon on the 7th. We wanted to do a minimum of 13 miles. The plan was to run 6.5 and access how we felt, and decide to turn around or keep going. Well, after 6.5 miles, we decided to kick Bubba and Sophie out of the jogger and have them walk for a mile, then turn around. We've been trying to make sure they are getting some exercise of some form on a regular basis, not just sitting in the stroller. We walked to a friends house that we have run by probably 100 times w/o stopping, but for some reason, on Saturday, we decided to drop by. Well, turns out friends from out of town were visiting, and they were having a kids party...with a bounce house, snow cone machine, the works. We were there at 2:45, and the party was set to start at 3. They wanted us to stay, but we didn't' want to crash it, so we let the kids play for 10 minutes, then made a bolt for it so no one coming to the party would see us all gross and sweaty and in running clothes. Our friends did manage to convince us to go home, get cleaned up, and come back later. Of course the kids didn't want to leave at all and were in a hurry to get back home so we could get back to the party quicker. We hustled back6.5 miles in 55 minutes, which is pretty good for us! We showered and changed and got back to the party by 5:30. The kids had a total blast, and we had a great evening visiting with friends. It has been since last summer that we've gotten all the kids together, so they really enjoyed it!

Today, Em and Brian had their morning in service together and a lunch break together. Bubba and Sophie have been two peas in a pod today. Bub has a bit of a cough that has been turning into a wheezing, nerve racking mess at night. It's not a seal bark, or whooping cough, his cough is just a dry, non concerning cough. Its the frantic gasping for air afterwards that is frighting. I took him in on Thursday and the Dr didn't seem 100% sure of what it was, but of course prescribed an antibiotic to cover all basis. He did have a 102 temp on Thursday, but hasn't had one since, and seems fine during the day. He just has these gasping attacks at night that are scary. He had a spotted face by Thursday evening when Brian got home from work from straining so hard for air and breaking the veins in his face. Anyhow, I kept him home from meeting today so he wouldn't get anyone at the hall sick right before memorial,(although I don't think he's contagious as non of the rest of us have anything) and so he could have a down day at home. Soph wanted to take care of him and keep him company, so they have been hanging out together all day. I have gotten the house clean, got some sun in the back yard, and fixed our pool pump, which had been leaking. Nothing super exciting, but definitely the most relaxed, layed back weekend I have had in a long time. Which is nice, because this week already promises to be busy. Meeting tomorrow night, Memorial the next night, Open house at the girls school on Wednesday night, secretly getting all the laudry washed and kids packed and suitcases hid by the weekend. . . . then we head to our 'Happy Place' (maybe everyone's Happy Place!) for the best Spring Break ever!! The kids have no idea : ) Bubba is tall enough for everything but Indiana Jones, and 3 rides in CA Adventure. It is so strange that we can now go on almost all the big rides together as a family. We will take up our own log on Splash Mountain!!

Ok, this video has nothing to do with this post at all, but here are my 2 little ladies in 2006, watching their favorite movie. They used to think that Burt was talking to them, and they would just sit and stare at him when he talks. Where did those little girls go? Sophie turns 6 this week, hard to believe! I think she was around 8 months in this video, so Em was 2.8 yrs.


  1. ooh, what date was she born? i turned 16 on monday the 29th so our birthdays are really close, just a few years apart ;) must explain why we have similar styles :)

  2. Have a good time! I cant wait to see the pictures!