Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back From Vacation

We were in Southern California for the past week. It was great!! We had great weather the whole time. It was nice and warm and we had no rain. For those of you who know Brian and I and how much we need the sun, it was great! We spent some time in Solvang the first day. Then headed down the coast hitting Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu, Ventura, and Huntington Beach. We will take a beach town over Solvang any day! Talk about a battery re-charge! We spent some time at the Santa Monica Pier having fun, the kids loved it.

We spent Tuesday thru Thursday at Disneyland. It was pretty crowded, but expected for Spring Break week. It wasn't too bad and we had a great time! It was Bubba's first time being able to go on the big rides - Splash Mt, Space Mt, Star Tours, Thunder Mt, ....he was a little freaked out on some of them, but he loved it at the same time! We stayed at a small hotel called the Alpine Inn. If you've been down there, its the one that looks like it got snowed on. It was a bit further away from the park than we have stayed before, but we enjoyed our walks back and forth to the park. It was 2 buildings down from a 7-11, which came in super handy!! Most of our food and coffee came from 7-11. It was a nice one with salads, yogurt, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, fruit plates and bowls...tons of good options. We would go back mid day and get lunch, then nap, then head back to the park around 4 ish and swing in again to grab something for dinner. For sure it was the cheapest way we have ever done a Disney trip! Oh, and the hotel, we loved it. I wasn't' sure about it because it is a more hole in the wall sort of place, but it was really nice. The rooms were pretty new, big, clean, beds were comfy. Our room was always cleaned by the time we came back around 1 for naps. We would definitely stay there again.

We drove home Friday, but first we swam. First at the pool. Check out was at 11, so we were packed and ready to go so the kids could swim that morning. Then we headed back to Huntington Beach for more sun and sand. It was again, a beautiful day! The water was nice, shells everywhere. The kids had a blast, and Brian and I weren't ready to leave. We stayed until around 2, then headed home. Got home about 10 last night.

We had a great trip, lots of memories and good times! Pics are here from April 4 - 9th.

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  1. Glad you had a great time!!!!

    We fell in love with Huntington Beach last summer...we had 1 day there while popping in to the international convention with dave's parents before heading to Palm Springs with them...the kids and us could have stayed there. Loved that little town and Taylor had a ball finding tiny crabs and shells!