Monday, April 12, 2010

San Fran Marathon

We officially registered for the San Fran Marathon last night!! Coming off over a week of no workouts or running, we both are really antsy to get back into the swing of things! I can't remember a stretch in the past 2 years that we have gone this long w/o a workout of some kind. We make it a habit while out of town to get in some form of exercise. I guess Disneyland and all the walking counts as something, but its just not the same. I attempted some cardio in California Adventure - racing Emma up and down the cargo net course over and over. It felt really good, but she ended up running head first into a support beam and then I felt like a loser. Plus the other parents w/little kids didn't really appreciate us bouncing the thing around as they were trying to make their way up/down it : ) Anyways, we tried to be balanced and just get away and relax this trip...which was interesting. While walking around in Solvang we stopped and looked at each other and asked "why are we here?" The kids were bored to death, and truth be told, Brian and I were too. We were surrounded by beautiful hills, green and full of flowers, that we would have much rather been out running through or hiking with the kids. Or better yet, just headed straight to the beach the first day and spent 2 days flying kites, chasing seagulls, and playing Frisbee! It was an interesting way to realize that for us, relaxing isn't seeing things, shopping, eating, or relaxing in the room, its doing things. Being outside and being active in some way is how we relax, when we feel the most calm and can clear our heads.
Ok, so I got a little off track, but it's my blog, so I can : ) one of the beautiful things about blogging......anyway, so we registered for San Fran last night. Always kind of a big deal to commit to a full marathon. A half is hard, but a know you will come out the other side having gone through an epic adventure. We had talked about doing the half (you pick which half of the full you want to do for the San Fran, 2 half is easier) coming off of the Napa Marathon. Napa was hilly and we really felt the pain of the hills. But, after a few weeks, we realized we recovered really fast from that marathon, felt good and strong and injury free. I think in the long run, since we have done 2 fulls and know we can do it, we would regret only doing the half. Even though it is one of the most challenging road marathons around, it is a scenic, beautiful course. There will be tons of crowd support and entertainment on course (which Brian and I thrive on) and we run across and back over the Golden Gate Bridge!!
For Brian, this will be the final race in the California Dreamin Series for him. He will get his medal and jacket, having completed the 3 required races. Super excited for him!! I won't finish until Feb with the Surf City Marathon.
So, with that, we start off on another adventure! I'm sure there will be many training related posts in the future. For now, we are just focused on getting back in our routine this week, working around the rain. My workout is done for today, going to have to hit the treadmill this afternoon as it is raining like crazy here.


  1. Congratulations! You will both do great! We have some awesome hills to train on up here....around July 7-9. :)

  2. What's the 7-9th? Do tell.....