Monday, April 2, 2012

The Beauty of Tea

Seeing herself for the first time.....

After I took the above picture, I showed it to her so she could see what she looked like from the back. She said, "Oh, my hair looks like Wendy's from the back!" in Wendy from Peter Pan...which oddly enough is about the time period I was going for : )

A few interesting tidbits about this outfit:
The Dress- I wore this dress as a flower girl in a wedding when I was about the age Sophie is now. It has been hanging in her closet for years waiting for the perfect occasion to be worn. I think it could not have been more perfect! It fit her perfectly, and was very strange to see her in it knowing I used to be exactly that same size....and knowing that I probably pranced around just like she spent the day doing.The Gloves- The gloves were my moms from her High School days. I have my moms dresses and gloves from her formals. Sophie felt very privileged to be wearing them.

The Pearls- nothing special here, those are from the Dollar Store, as are the flowers on the tray and on her hat, as well as the feathers and butterflies (butterflies on the tray).


  1. So lovely! You are so creative!

  2. Sophie, you look beautiful! You did an amazing job, mom!

  3. Sophie, you look so beautiful! I remember your Mama in that dress & she looked beautiful, too. I'm so glad you got to wear my gloves. You have such a great Mama to help you have such a fabulous hat and jewelry. (Beth, I love the picture of you in the dress.)