Sunday, April 15, 2012

Runs Like These Are Why I Run

Got Runners??

I hope the kids remember these amazing Sunday mornings when they are older!

The sky was really that blue, and the mustard was really that yellow!

Looking back down the road, this road dead ends at the fence of our back yard.

I took this one because of the poppies in the middle of the trail, but it also shows my favorite perspective while running. I love spending miles situated right about here, listening to them talking about random things.
Got "Technical"??

I need to start an "I am a trail runner" album for the girls. I love theses shots.

I took the jogger and Sophie and we headed back towards home while Em and Brian headed out another mile, but not before my favorite section.....I think these cows have the sweetest pasture in all of CA. Talk about happy cows, I would happily pitch a tent in that field, it's so green and the sky is so blue!! This herd had a ton of calves this year, and they all gave us some tude while we ran by.
He was totally giving us the stink eye! I was thinking about jumping in his trough though.

This calf is a Crossfit junkie, you can just tell by that cocky stance and those muscles. He was throwing a log end over end up that hill behind him right before I took this picture. Seriously.

Meeting of the minds.

They are "overly rested" and in for a shock to their system in 6 days!
Today though, they had a great run with the family!!

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  1. Thanks for the pics, they are great. Love the girl's water bottles. Special memories!