Friday, April 13, 2012


Pockets....must have more pockets!! After spending some time studying the map for the looming Diablo Challenge 50k, I had a few realizations. One being that we are going to be out there a long time. Two being that we will be out there alone for longer sections than we have gone before w/o aid. I explained in a previous post how I have it broken up in my head, just getting from one station to the next. From the start to the first station is about 8 miles, then two 7 mile sections. Not long as far as miles go, but when we are talking about hours on end of running or climbing.....I start to worry about having enough places to stash fuel. Water, carbs, and salt become necessities, and a girls bra can only hold so much! I have the water figured out, but not the other stuff.

In an ideal (non-unemployed) world, we would have figured out and bought our gear already. We did have plans as far as this was concerned, but plans change. The needs involved w/this run did not change, however. So here's our most economical solution -

I had my eye on this for months now, tried one on at Sports Basement in San Fran, it felt very comfortable, is super light weight, although it looks ridiculous. It is not as long as it looks in the picture, I believe its 13 inches long total, so the main storage pockets at the bottom sit right on my ladies, so I will have to figure out how to adjust the straps to adjust that not so attractive look, but it will do the job.///-(update...I received it today, tried on, adjusted, love love love it! It is packed out w/2 bars, 2 packs o shot bloks, 3 packs o Sports Beans, 2 packs o Gu chomps...and still plenty o room. Adjusted it to sit more on the sides instead of front and center, looks much better and feels great!)-ordered from - cheap and free shipping

O'neill Traveler Cargo Hybrid Short - Olive X 36
Fashion meets function. Travel through ONeill and their latest hybrid shorts. Length 22'. Buttoned zip fly, belt loops. Slash side pocket with zipped closure & a small opening for ear buds/headphones. Side cargo pockets with a bottle opener in one, compass in the other. Logo name embroidered at left leg and back pocket. Machine washable Imported 100% nylon O'neill Traveler Cargo Hybrid Short - Olive X 36 ..(source)

That's 7 pockets, people!!
It does not mention the Silver X-static XT2 technology, that is antimicrobial and odor protection.

I am so stoked that he got these, he's needed a good trail short since we started running. He's been running trails in his Hollister cargo shorts, which are great shorts, but heavy, and not an athletic material.
The new O'neill shorts look like his Hollister shorts that he loves, but feel like swim trunks and are super light.

Between the two of us, we should be a traveling aid station.

As of today, the extended forecast is for warmer than what I would like, w/4 dry days before the run....should be enough time for the trails to dry out a bit.


  1. I've got a couple pair of cargo shorts for running and I love them! They sounds a lot like these. And you are right that the aid stations are a bit further apart. (There is at least one or two bonus ones with water-only in a few places.)

    It turns out that a friend of mine from work is running this as his first 50K as well (he's a tall skinny Australian named Tim - we spent a lot of time at work playing cricket on a tennis court).

    I'm looking forward to this race even though I'm not actually running it - I really can't wait to see everyone finish!

  2. That little vest seems like the perfect solution and "a bottle opener in one, compass in the other" sounds like a very practical pair of shorts ;-) I will be thinking of you both on Saturday. Hiked the half marathon route last week-end with my husband - it was beautiful out there!

    1. Hey Pat,
      you're not secretly running it like you did San fran are you?? : )
      How is the hubby's knee??
      What runs do you have coming up?

    2. I am running the half with the Karen on Saturday. Looking forward to it :-) Hubby is doing lots of cycling at the gym and getting stronger bit by bit ... we are enjoying riding bikes together on Sunday mornings. So many trails, so little time!!

    3. Hope you two have a great run! We will most likely not see you guys, but hope you have a good morning out there!
      We are really spoiled w/all the trails around here!