Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Since Feb 17th

 Feb. 17th was the last day I ran. It was beautiful, but things got hectic after that and pictures from that run never got posted, so here they are. We had finally had a bit of rain and things were trying hard to turn green. It was really pretty.
 That's Brian half way up the hill in the above picture.

 Since making the decision to pull out of Way Too Cool, I have not run once. Days when it's raining and gray, it's really nice to not need to get a run in. Days when the hills and mountain are emerald green and it's beautiful outside, it's hard to maintain self control because I'd really like to be out there.  But, I know that some serious down time is what I need right now, so I have been keeping really busy in other areas of life!  Hanging out with these people-

 Hanging out with our friend, Bob, at Cheese Cake Factory.
Sharing a mid morning snack with two tables worth of friends.

 Taking my boots for field trips...actually, this was not the plan, but there was no parking at the summit of Diablo, so I had to park down below and hike up, in this outfit. I got a few odd looks, but that's not really that unusual. Oh, the purpose of this outing was to dump Brian off at the top of the mountain and pick him up at Castle Rock a few hours later. He ran down Juniper to Summit to Rock City, down Wall, and out Castle Rock. It was a beautiful day for it.

 The California Poppies are blooming on the mountain, there are fields full of them, it's really pretty.
 There has also been some serious rearranging going on in our house.  I love when my neighbors put out free furniture that is a thousand times better than what we had. This sofa and love seat is beautiful, solid wood, claw feet, big, heavy, old fashioned, quality furniture.  There is a funny story about my mom and I trying to fit it into our van and get it home....but I will save it for another day : )
Not sure if you can see the pink candle on that table between the sofas. It is a watermelon candle and it's amazing.  Thank you, Blake Shelton, for "lighting watermelon candles upstairs" and making us all have to search high and low for such a scented candle. It was worth it!

Our old sofa's, chair, and foot stools were hand-me-downs from an old friend who had had them for years. They were white and green, checkered style, very ripped and stained.  We had blankets over the cushions because they were worn through to the stuffing....they are now in the garage. I need to post a picture of that, too, it's been cleaned out and converted to a workout room/kids play room.  Anyways, I needed to recover the foot stools so they would match the new sofas.  Not bad work for a $10 curtain from Ross and a staple gun! 

I'm honestly not real sure what my next move is running wise, other than when it's pain free, I'll run on it.  Me not running WTC meant we could get a different hotel that would accommodate all 5 of us and the dog, and stay an extra night  to make a weekend out of it.  So for now, we are looking forward to getting out of town this coming weekend and having some fun!

Oh, also, my new boots are supposed to be here any day!!!



  1. Wow - it's amazing what ends up available for free! (We've been winners on that front many times.) Nice work with the staple gun, and I'll take your word for it about the watermelon candle.

    Sounds fun that the whole family gets to come to WTC! It will be fun to see you all there! (And to see Brian get it done!)

    1. I'm still laughing over you getting "wienered" at your last race. I actually did lol when I read it!
      We will have fun Saturday, I'm sure of it!

  2. I so enjoyed my time down there. I have told the furniture story several times and laugh every time. It is one of those lifetime memories. More than that I just enjoyed the time I got to spend with you. Usually don't get much adult time when I visit. Thank you for all of the above. Love you all, Mom

    1. Yes, that furniture will always make me smile. I told the story Saturday when we had friends over and nobody could fathom how the two of us got it in the car and unloaded, especially with one of us partially clothed : )
      Love you!