Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 I'm in serious boot love with these!!
 After a flat tire 2 weeks ago turned into a morning at Les Schwabb, 4 new tires and new rear brakes...the kids have their first ever tire swing! Let me just say...that is about a $700 swing.
 Loving being back on my mountain!
 Because of the nature of the volunteer work we do, we see a lot of front porches, and a lot of random things.  This was at a house I visited this week, and I loved it!! Uncle Si.
 Saturday the kids had some friends over and we took them to the bmx track for some fun.
 This was just too good! And wrong.
My mountain this morning.  I'll have more pictures from this one up in the next few days. I want up Eagle Peak to Twin Peaks and the wild flowers are blooming up there, it was super pretty. There was some ill weather blowing in up there, so I had to ski-dadle down, but it was a nice run. First major climbing I've done in recent months and it felt good!

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  1. I love the boots. I plan on getting mine this Friday. It won't be long now. I really need to see you guys. Love to all.