Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting you Caught Up!

One weekend at a time, starting with weekend before last! Saturday the girls had friends over and had a blast at the bmx track.  Brian was responsible for getting them dinner (they roasted hot dogs and smores) and getting them home before dark (he failed!), while I went with my lady friends for "girls night".  Sunday afternoon was a congregation softball game.  Really, we divide into 2 teams and everyone from toddler to elderly gets to bat once, then we switch.  Totally non competitive, but lots of fun.

 Before the game even started, Brian and I spotted a trail and got sucked into it.  We just couldn't not explore it.

 Above is the back side of Mt Diablo, Clayton, and right down there you can see the softball fields.
  Game time!!


Notice Myles back there flying a kite.  We all had a blast and really enjoyed the company! It was really nice to have fun with everyone without any competitiveness involved! It's been a real treat to get to know all the knew people in our new congregation! We've been welcomed with open arms, and it's been really easy to settle in.  The kids are really enjoying being in a hall with so many young ones their age, and being able to have them over.  Sometimes the idea of "change" is way more overwhelming than the actual "change" itself!

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  1. Seeing Myles flying that kite in the outfield immediately made me think of Charlie Brown always struggling with Lucy in those games. These kinds of fun games are just that - a LOT of fun!