Tuesday, April 1, 2014

And Then I Ran

 After the fun weekend in the previous post, I was able to get in a run/hike up Eagle Peak to Twin Peaks and Mitchell Rock.  This was the first run really putting the achilles to the test with long climbs and long descents, and it was totally fine.

 There were a lot of wild flowers up there!

 After taking lots of pictures of the wildflowers up top, I realized the storm was moving in on me pretty quickly, so I hustled down as quick as I could.  Once I got down and looked back up to where I was....I was happy I was not up there anymore!


  1. Yay for a totally fine achilles! And yay for escaping the rain! Those trails look great. How are the creeks doing? Will we have water to splash in for Brazen's race in two weeks? Will you guys be there?

    1. Hey Allen, creeks?? What's that?? I have forgotten.
      Sadly, as of this past weekend, there are only 2 creek crossings out of Castle Rock, out past the park boundary/first aid station. All the normal crossings are dry. Even after all the rain we've had as of late.
      This has nothing to do with the upcoming Brazen race, but the creeks on the back side of the Mt are flowing, and the falls on Waterfall trail are..well, falling??
      We won't be at Diablo this year : ( This month is just chock full of activities and we can't make it.

    2. Aw man - that's sad two times! At least there will be a couple of creek crossings, but it's sad you guys won't be at your home race! Try to have fun anyway - we will give it a shot too.