Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thank You!

To those who shared your thoughts on Myles post, publicly and privately, we really do appreciate it.
We did have our meeting today. Without going into too much detail, the end result is that Myles will have a 504 plan which will allow for accommodations in the classroom to help him out.  We submitted our written request for academic testing/evaluation.  This will cover some of the testing that our insurance does not cover, and it is a law that if it's requested, the school must do it. 
As for the teacher....again, lots I want to say here, but I will not. He was in the meeting, and it was not a comfortable, nice meeting. That said, It is believed that the best thing for Myles is to finish the year in this class, not disrupt his life by pulling him out of a class and putting him in with all new kids at this point. I will be meeting with the teacher daily after school to discuss how the day went. (sounds like daily fun, no?? No.)

I'm writing about this tonight, because it has been a very emotional day.  This parenting stuff is rough!  I don't want to have to think about it again tomorrow, so posting tonight.
Thank you all again for your thoughts!!

I'm so going for a run tomorrow!!

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