Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Never Said I was Smart...

 Just desperate for some alone time on my mountain! I'll take what I can get, when I can get it! Tuesday of this week, it was stormy and raining hard....perfect day to do the Waterfalls Trail Loop. I had never done it before and didn't really know what the trail was like, or how high up the mountain it takes you...but I made it home safe and sound, although I think I gave Brian a scare being up there in this storm.  When I had signal again, a text came through that said "it's hailing, where are you?"  You all know how I like an adventure, so the weather just made it more exciting!  And muddy : )

 Driving towards Mitchell Canyon, wowzers! I could hardly see the mountain and it was right in front of me.

 Above are my foot prints in the mud, it was really slippery, not great for running, but so fun!

 Below, I saw my friends again in the same meadow as before. I love the rain in the 2 pictures below.

 Above, you can see the trail I came up the valley in just right of center, and then just left of center.
 Above, I spotted the first waterfall!  I could hear them for a long time before I was able to see any.

 It was raining and the wind really picked up for a minute. It was the only time I thought I may not have been wise to come out here on a stormy day, I got really chilly, but knew I was over half way and it was best to keep moving forward, so I just ran for a bit and got warmed back up...after I huddled under a tree for a minute : )

 Above, looking out the valley I came in. That far ridge is the back of Eagle Peak, the park entrance is on the other side of it.

 Above, a little left of center you can see the single track trail I was on across the valley.
 Above is the trail I'm on as it came to the bottom of the falls that you see in the below picture.

 Above, again, almost dead center is a peak at a line of the single track that I was on.
 Above, lots and lots of poison oak, "shucks! I'm probably going to be itchy", face.

 Above, way back there you can see one of the falls I was at.
 Once I got down off the mountain I have to cross the grass lands to get back to the park entrance and it was super muddy!! But these turkeys in a field of mustard were not bothered by it.

 Above and below...what to say really. It's just amazing.
 Later in the day things got really scary stormy, lots of thunder, lightning, hail, and wind. But for a moment, it was a beautiful day! If you are local and have never done the Waterfalls Trail Loop on the is the time to do it!! They are all flowing, and thundering loud. If you aren't good with heights, be warned. I am usually fine when I'm hiking/running, but found myself getting a bit loopy/dizzy due to being so high and on a narrow trail.  It was stunning though!!

You can learn more about this hike here. Note- I started at Mitchell Canyon, took Bruce Lee to Back Creek, took the first single track trail that goes left, and that connects into Donner.  Also, the site says its a half day took me 2:15, and I was moving slow. Yes, I ran when I could, but also logged a 30 minute mile at other points. (you can see how slow I was going from the splits on my Strava, and the climb a lot!) Also, should you read the reviews on the hiking site, for the record, I was not stalked by any mountain lions, nor did I see much coyote poo. However, this is very much in the back country and very isolated, and I'm sure there are mountain lions, I just didn't see any : )


  1. I cant wait to get on those trails. I hope Myles is willing to take me on a two mile run on a mountain trail. of course any of you can do a run with me but just remember I run like a grandpa. I just figure Myles will want to stop off and on and that suits my fine. I have left my new boots sitting on the kitchen table and by now everybody I work on have seen the boots and know about our trail ride. Love all

  2. Somebody needs to set up a trail race on those trails. Just saying…

    1. Right?? I think this is a part of the Mountain that a lot of people don't go to or get to see or even know about, and it's so beautiful.