Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun With Grandpa

Grandpa visited over Spring Break and boy did we have fun!
Here's a few pictures of some of our adventures over the past week-

We watched Land Before Time, and spent a long day shopping.  The kids had fun at Build A Bear.

We ate way too well last week!!
We had so much fun on our horse ride in Redwood Regional Park. It was so fun to be back on a horse, and in a pretty setting.  The kids did great.  There were a few tense moments - Myles horse tried to kick a pit bull, Emma's decided to blaze it's own trail, Sophie's and Dads got all jumpy and squirrely when some dogs invaded the trail, mine decided right away that I didn't know how to plow rein and took advantage of that (you have to really pull hard to get them to turn/stop...I was raised on horses, but we did not rein that way, we barely had to move the reins and the horses would respond)- and yet we all stayed firmly in the saddle.  It was wonderful.

Dad's horse, Baily, had been in commercials and on tv.

We had fun on trampolines.
And more fun running the res.

And playing catch.

And lots of fun wrestling, playing with animal balloons, and roasting smores.

We had such a great time!  Thank you, dad, for all your generosity and taking the time to come down.  It means a lot that you want to spend time with us and the grand kids!! Next time we are going to beat you at Phase 10!

I'll post all the pictures on our photo site, here.

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  1. I loved the reading of my first Runners World. Especially an article on how to increase pain tolerance regarding the many discomforts involved with running while at the same time increase the intensity of a training ruin. This article stated that runners normally pace themselves and save something for a strong finish. Conversely, this article suggested starting out with an all-out effort early leaving the runner exhausted. For the rest of the run concentrate on technique, foot strike, breathing, and cadence of stride. This will take your focus off the pain. Last night for my two mile run I chose a 13 to 15 percent grade climb for the start. I started off like Myles did for our reservoir run. I went all-out. Half way up the climb I wanted to quit. My heart pounded and my lungs were on fire. The oxygen dept hit me and the legs wanted to shut down. I was surprised that I kept running to the top. Once on flat surface it felt like there was no way I could finish the two mile run. I thought of the article I had read and focused on my breathing, foot strike and cadence of stride. Soon I was no longer aware of the intense pain I was fighting off. I began to experience the exhilaration involved with the intenseness of the run. I was more into my bio-feedback than at any other sport in my life. It was a rush for me. I finished the two mile run with a P/R 55 seconds faster than any two mile I have ran since my injury in 2011.
    This all started while running with your family at the reservoir. During that run Emma would pace in front of me and drop behind me all the time encouraging me while keeping me posted of the distance ran. Sophie ran beside me continually assessing if I was ok. Myles just ran ahead of me with a smile on his face. But the smile on your face, Beth summed up my own joy of getting in a run with those I love so much. I miss you all.