Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Busy Busy

I'm still here!! I'd love to have a post about running for you......but I don't.  Remember last month when I talked about "changes" and a new schedule that would allow for 2 runs during the week??  That's if I have no appointments or things that need done....so, yeah.

April is always a busy month in our house. We usually spend extra time in a volunteer work that we do and this April both Brian and Emma have been able to join me in the "extra time". It means putting in longer days, especially on the weekend when they can join me, evening volunteering for Emma, and early morning volunteering on the weekends for Brian and Emma.  On top of that, this past week included a fun game of kickball with lots of friends, an exercise class with friends at the trampoline place, a few Dr's appointments, prescription filling, and other necessary "life" stuff.

Today is a field trip with Sophie to Sacramento. We'll be seeing the State Capitol building- inside and out, the train museum (remember when we went here for our anniversary?), and Sutter's Fort. And it's  supposed to be near 90.

Tomorrow.....I get to run!!!!


  1. I hope Sophie had a wonderful day in Sac. We were so excited yesterday because we almost broke 70, so I am so jealous of your 90.

    1. got home at 4 and we are both wiped!! That's a long day of 'fun" with 32 4th graders.