Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Photos - Columbia, CA

I knew nothing of this place until Brian said one day, "We're going to Columbia!" Well, it wasn't one day, it happened to be the 4th of July, and the town was buzzing with small town fun. Egg toss, watermellon eating contest, greased pole climbing, nail driving contests....lots of good, old fun.

 We scored in this shop - ropin rope, hand tooled leather belt for Sophie, leather braided bracelet for me, arrow head necklace for Myles, cowhide change purse for Emma.  Neat little shop.
 Dipping candles.


  1. You didn't know about Columbia? That place is a lot of fun, although I suspect it was a bit more busy than normal on the 4th. Did you do the stagecoach ride? Were you held up? You all look born to live in the old west!

  2. Hey, Beth, put this on my next list. Looks like a lot of fun.