Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Summer Photos for You!

 Emma's broken toe...this was actually a few days into it, it looks great here.
 Harvesting potatoes.

 I contributed a green salad to a lunch, and later in the day a friend dropped off a huge amount of sliced strawberries that she thought were mine left over at the lunch. They weren't, but I used them for this....

 Watching butterflies was really neat!
 High Dive show.
 My new, favorite rug.
 Emma had a bad case of "Six Flags Back". Pretty bad burn.
 Above, fort Latham. Below, our bedroom got a buck.
 And our living room.  If you look close, you'll also spot a moose head, and a bass.

 This is after the raft ride, last ride of a long Six Flags day.

 They all 3 have bow and arrows now, and targets in the back yard. That's Bass Pro Shop in the background.
 He caught a huge catfish. It's real, not a prop.  Sophie did too, I need to find the picture...
Lot's of tomatoes!   One more picture post coming........

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