Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Still Here, Just Busy!

I'd have to say this has been the busiest summer we've had in years! That's both good, and bad. The kids are having a blast, I'm a little haggard out, but that's part of life with 3 kids, yes?? I did have to put the brakes on things just a little. We were a few weeks into summer "vacation" and still hadn't had a day when we got to be home all day. Add to that not sleeping much ( 5 hours is a great night, that's been an ongoing issue for about a year now).....and I just had to slow things down a bit. Still lots, and lots of fun - Six Flags, movies, having dinner gatherings here at the house, doing stuff with friends, 3 days in the city, pool parties, discovering things other people have known about for a while, I.E. Lazy Dog restaurant!! Oh my goodness.  Amazing.  Today we begin getting ready to head camping for a week.  We've debated and debated about what to do with Brian's one week of vacation for the year (new job). I've wanted to do a road trip for a while, it's been 4 years since we've been to Disneyland, the kids have never been up the Oregon coast, we could easily unwind at Huntington Beach or Long Beach for a many options.  We actually really didn't want to do Shasta Lake this year because the lake level is so, so low. the end....a week of nothing but fishing, floating, reading, making coffee over the fire, playing cards with the'll win every time!  Enough words for now. Hopefully you all are having a great summer, and understand why posts drop off this time of year.  There's just a lot of life to live and while I normally make an effort to post about all of it for friends, and mostly family far summer....I'm not indoors or on a computer as much. I'm living it rather than shooting it and documenting it, if that makes any sense.  Here's some pics for you-

 He found a geocache.

I'll do another photo post right after this one. Wanted to break them up a this was round one.

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  1. I can totally understand how time flies by! I was starting to think there was an RSS issue or something like that. (And you need to fix that sleep thing - five hours is not enough!)