Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Emma's GPA Award

I'm sure you can tell we had a lot going on the last week of school. One of the things was Emma's award ceremony at the middle school. 
She recieved a GPA award for maintaining a 3.8 or higher the entire school year.  She had one class that she had a B in for 2 quarters.....other than that...every class, all year....straight A's.
Her final report card she had a 4.0.
Pretty darn impressive, my report cards never looked anything like that!
We are super proud of the effort she puts into her school work, and that she's entirely self motivated. Really. There is no pressure from us to get straight A's. I was raised to always try my best, and if that ended up with straight C's, then that's fine, and I've repeated that to her over and over again.
Did I mention she carried an A all year in Advanced Math??
That comes from Brian, not me.
Anyhow, we are very proud of her!
 She's the tall one in the middle, have to keep it blurry because of the other kids faces showing.


  1. Very cool! Math skills are handy when running trail races! (And wow, she really is tall!)

  2. So cool! Im going she gets the math ability from her Aunt! ;) Great job Emma!!