Monday, June 1, 2015


All of a sudden the snakes are out!! I've seen a few Gopher snakes, and smaller snakes so far this year, but hit the "2-for-1  Rattler Special" earlier this week. This was on a small single track trail behind Macedo Ranch, right at the top of Little Yosemite trail. My running partner was not getting anywhere near these guys. I offered to get a pic with her phone, but she said something along the lines of "I don't like snakes".    These were huge rattlers. I've seen my fair share.....these were long, and fat. Most likely full of ground squirrels, which usually are what pops out of this hole when I run by.

 I took looking close at these pictures to find the other snakes head. The one was pointed right at me the whole time, the other one is down in the hole facing into the hole. I never could find it's rattle, but it's tail is under the other one's tail. Neither ever rattled and I got fairly close.
 Before we saw the rattlers, we saw this Gopher snake, which looked really big, until we came up on the rattlers!

And if you missed today's earlier post, here's a link to it , although it may show right below this one.

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