Tuesday, June 16, 2015

School is Out!!

I have so many pictures to get up and just no time yet to upload them.....
Summer has hit fast and things are in full swing. I'm still waiting for that first morning of summer break when we all sleep in......hasn't happened yet. School got out at 12 on Thursday and we've already been hiking, gone to a few movies, Six Flags, met up with friends, Emma's off to a sleep over tomorrow.....just fun summer life stuff.

Other than a run/workout/mowing the yard tomorrow and booting Emma out the door when her sleep over family swings by....I don't think we are doing anything else tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get the pictures into the computer at least, and get a post up. I'll have to go back in time to Sophie's graduation, and can't promise to do any editing...but I'll try to get that post up!!

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