Thursday, June 4, 2015

Juniper/Summit Trail Loop

 These pictures are from Tuesday's adventure on the mountain. It was perfect weather up there, 65 - 70 degrees, little wind but a nice breeze every now and then.  Good times. Truck question...see the front wheel well and how it's black above the tire. Now see the back tire and how it's white above the tire?? Is there any rule against spraying that white part black?? It looks odd to me how it is now. But I do love this picture of my truck!

 I can't not do it every time I'm here-

 Giving myself stink eye for forgetting to take a pic at the summit, but we did go all the way up.
 My running buddy left me in the dust more than a few times on this run.  She appears to have none of the usual newbie fear of bombing the downhills. She has definitely graduated out of newbie status.

 Glancing out across the mountain, it looks like a sea of dead grass. I'm always surprised at how many flowers there are. It never gets old.

A little deeper, and a little wider and I could totally justify driving up to Juniper Campground for a nightly bath. What a view.


  1. As long as you are tricking out your truck, racing stripes would be great. Or maybe flames. It's hard to believe how brown it is up there now. It seems like only yesterday that it was green and lush. Good on you for getting up to the summit!

    1. Thanks! It is amazing how fast everything turned. I think I say this every year, but even more so this year - It's very dry up there!!
      I learned that rear wheel well covers are the way to fix that part that annoys me on the truck. I think I should invent some decals that look like mud for those of us in states that have no mud.
      Hope you and the Mrs are doing well!