Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sophie's 5th Grade Graduation

 Well, these are going to be totally out of order, but the gist is  she received some beautiful gifts that were hard earned, and we had fun celebrating! Above and below are pictures of her new boots before I wrapped them. We had gifts hidden all over our bedroom for months before her big day.

 A few days before, I moved everything out to the living room so she'd have to suffer a bit.
 This was at graduation, those balloons got moved : )
 I let her open one pair of boots the night before because I knew she'd want to wear them.
 After graduation I signed her out for the day and she went shopping with her grad $, got a new hat.
 This was at dinner with Auntie Jill and Grandpa. She's opening a beautiful locket from Grandma Jackie.
 Again, out of order here, but this was opening her flowery cowboy boots.
 Right after graduation..

 She's opening a beautiful carved box with horses on the lid.

That's the last gift, her new black cowboy boots.

Thank you to everyone who went the extra mile to make this a special occasion for Sophie. We really, really appreciate all everyone did, and the especially thoughtful gifts she received. 

Now I get to breath for a bit until next year.....Emma's 8th grade graduation!!

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