Friday, April 8, 2016


Well, seeing that we are 8 days into April.....thought maybe  I should post.
We had.....well, there's no good word for it...but a really, really good spring break. Some of you followed along on twitter (@diablorunnermom). I tried to post at least once a day to keep family up with where we were, and what we were doing. For much of the trip we either had no internet, or no phone signal. Sometimes we had one or the other, but not both.  This was not a problem, it was a plus.

So the Friday Spring Break started, we headed up the coast. We took a few days going up, and a few coming back. Our end destination was Lincoln City, OR, where we stayed for 5 days at The Seagypsy. This was a hotel when I was a kid, now it's condos, but felt the same as when I was a kid. We settled in for 5 days of beachfront living, with weather in the 70's, and whales out our window.  Here's a list of a few of the things this road trip held -

-Trees of Mystery
-Drove the truck thru a tree (on purpose)
-Prehistoric Gardens (giant dinos in redwood forest)
-Samoa Cookhouse
-Walk-thru Wildlife Safari
-Florence Sand dunes tour w/Sandland Adventures
-Mini Golf
-Sealion Caves
- lots of antique shopping
-Tillamook Cheese Factory
-Hiked Drift Creek Falls (this included a waterfall and swinging rope bridge)
-Cannon Beach
-Avenue of the Giants
-Ghost Beach and Neskowin, OR (where an old forest is being uncovered in the sand)

This was exactly the trip we've needed for a few years. We do road trips often...either to SoCal for Disneyland, or up north to WA for family....but we've never done a road trip like this. It was so relaxing. Wandering our way up the coast, stopping when we wanted to see something. Mixing old childhood memories with new adventures.  We ate good, we slept good, we enjoyed our family, and started everyday ready for a new adventure.  #springbreak2016 is by far my favorite spring break to date!

Obviously, each of these adventures is a post by itself, so I'll work on those. For now, here's a peak into some moments of our trip-

 Emma and I are the same height...just saying.

 He'll do anything to get the right photo angle.

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