Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Break 2016 - Still Day 1!

Ok, so from Trees of Mystery, we continued north on 101, up for any adventure we came across.
We stumbled across a forest of dinosaurs, beaches, and goats...all on day one!

Prehistoric Gardens -

 We drove north and stretched our legs at a beach. Em jumped the creek and learned that wet sand is really hard to land on.


We saw this place and had to stop. It's a walk thru safari. Lots of animals roaming free, and some bigger ones in pens, and some you could pet.  Myles learned a few things about goats.  The babies above are Lucy and Lucky. They were so cute, herding each other around. When they would stray to far from mama the would call out until they found her. Sophie had a long conversation with them.

 Questionable fencing, there was also a chain length fence that my camera is shooting thru, but these were huge.
 See how the one nudges the other to get it to go where she wanted to go? I wanted to take these babies home. The humans that worked there would call them like dogs, and they would come if the wanted to, if not the would get all sassy and jump around.

From there we headed to our hotel in Gold Beach, OR and finally called day one done!

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