Monday, April 25, 2016

We Drove North Some More....

...and ended up in what would be our home base, Lincoln City, OR.  We stayed at the Sea Gypsy which was a hotel when I was a kid, but now it's condos. I have to say, we were thrilled with our choice.  It was called The Beachlor Pad (each condo has a theme name), and it was really nice. It had a beach/surfer theme, was totally updated, and the  I could stand in the kitchen and see whales. No joke.  The windows opened, so we could feel, smell, and hear the ocean.  The kids slept in the room you see below, there was a murphy bed that would fold down at night.  Brian and I had our own bedroom and bathroom, which was a treat. It was super affordable, too, which had us a little scared booking it online, but once we saw the condo, we were thrilled. There's no logical reason it should be less than all the surrounding hotels, but it was!

 Brian made breakfast every morning.
 Staying here as a kid, you are just kind of along for whatever your parents had planned, and we always had a great time.  Planning a trip as an adult, and mom, it was fun to really research the area and see what all there was near by.  I found out that right across the street from our condo there was a huge lake called Devils Lake, with a really nice little park. We explored that area one day. If we ever do this trip in the summer, there is kayaking and paddle boarding, too.
 Antiquing was a fun part of our trip.  Really, anytime we were driving and saw a place the kids wanted to stop that was opened, we swung in.  On the way up to Tillamook, we stopped at a shop called The Rusty Cow.  Sophie scored this old horse harness, some wooden stirrups, and a horse bit to use in decorating her room, which is all horse themed.  Myles got a wash board which he uses as a musical instrument with a spoon. The shop owner owns a ranch and all the horse stuff came from there.

Below, staying right on the beach meant beach time whenever we wanted it!  A fun thing about Lincoln City is they have a season called "Finders, Keepers".  The town is known for it's glass blowing, and during this season, everyday one of the glass blowers hides glass floats on the beach.  If you find it, it's yours. This year, they will hide 2,016 floats along the beach.  So, whenever we hit the beach, there was a lot of searching for floats going on.

 One of the days we drove up to Tillamook to tour the cheese factory, get some "squeaky cheese", and eat some ice cream!
 She is so cheesy!

 Below, some sunset from our room.
 I don't think we missed a sunset the whole time we were there. Life kinda came to a halt during this part of the day.

 More pictures from the room-

 More beach time-

 That weathered old beauty is the Sea Gypsy. Our room was on the second floor.
More to come....

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