Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stage Rd to Dusty

Since I have 2 kids home sick today, I thought I'd throw up a post.  The end of last week I headed out of Castle Rock.  This has become somewhat of a treat for me anymore. Traffic is so bad in the morning that it takes me nearly 45 minutes to even get to Castle Rock Park. Living so close to Mitchell Canyon, it's much quicker for me to just go there.  Sometimes I convince myself it's worth sitting in traffic for.  Last week that really proved to be true.  The traffic delay meant I was heading out on the trail at just the perfect time.  The sun was perfectly back lighting all the beautiful trees.  It was a beautiful hike! Warning - if pictures of beautiful trees bore you, this will be a very boring post for you, although there are some berries and thistles, too.


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