Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Long Weekends....

....can be exhausting, or refreshing. Depends on how you play it.  Our family has a special month of volunteer activity. We've each signed up to complete 30 hours. So after putting in a few hours Saturday morning, we took a break, and then we went for a hike in the afternoon.
Our mid morning break time.

Hiking around Mitchell Canyon

Myles made us frozen fruit treats.
 Sunday we did a few more hours, then napped, then meeting in the evening.  At meeting, some friends asked us to join them for a hike and beach time at Stinson on Monday afternoon. We went back and forth, back and forth....go, or don't go.  We had a few more hours scheduled for Monday morning, and then the drive to and from the beach, and both girls had homework still.  Add to that we were all pretty tired.  Add to that our 19th anniversary is coming up this month and we are tucking away our pennies to get the kids gifts (after you have kids, your wedding anniversary somehow becomes all about the kids....who weren't even there when you got married, but wouldn't be here if you hadn't) anyway, gas money, dinner and/or buying food to pack......well these were on the con side.  On the pro side were that we rarely pass up opportunities to spend time with friends, and the kids are at the age were association is important, and we love to hike, and we love the beach.  I ended up texting our friend and saying we really want to go, but decided the wise thing to do would be to not go.  Said friend explains that they are packing dinner for everyone and we wouldn't have to worry about food if that was a concern at all or would help make it easier to go.  How can you pass that up?  We are grateful for such generous friends who show us such thoughtful hospitality.

Matt Davis Trail

Brian is in this picture, almost dead center, in a bright red shirt.

Delicious burgers and yummy, yummy 7 layer dip!

The kids were just a tad hungry : )

We had a great afternoon!  Brian and I had a moment on the beach where we both said how glad we were that we came, we both felt so calm and relaxed.  It was the perfect way to wrap up a busy weekend.  Yes....both girls had to come home and finish up homework (Em was up till 12:30).....but we had a nice escape from reality for a few hours, spent with good friends, good food, great trails, and beautiful beach!

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  1. Wow do you know how to fill up a holiday weekend! I'm WAY impressed! (And Matt Davis trail is a blast, but tough!)