Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Moonlight on the Mountain

So the husband just called asking me to pick between braised beef or chicken?! Huh what??

Surprise he says, we are going to Moonlight on the Mountain!!! My first reaction was how did you pay for that? It would be $700 for us to both go, and while you all know how much I LOVE my mountain and support Save Mt Diablo....that's just not in our budget.

CSAA IG (Where Brian works) is a sponsor, and gets one table with 10 seats....I'm not sure how it worked, but he put in his name with me for his +1 and we are going!!  I'm so excited!!! It's something I've always wanted to get to do!  Dinner, on the mountain, under the stars.......I've run past that area in years past as they were setting it up, and thought how cool it would be to get to go someday.
In the above picture, you see China Wall which is that line of rock, and the dinner will be set up just to the left of it.  Picture Source

Someday is September 10th!!  THANK YOU, BRIAN!!!

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