Friday, August 26, 2016

The Boys of Fall

I love that Emma's school posted the link to this video this morning.  The first official football game of the season is tonight. The past two evenings we've finally had cool crisp air after the sun goes down. I can't wait to be in the bleachers with my family cheering on the home team, snuggling up under our blankets!  Brings back so many good memories of time with my mom, doing the same thing on Friday nights. I'm getting our Football Bag ready today, with our "football" fuzzy blanket, and seat cushions, and some treats.  Dinner will be at the game, either brisket or burgers, they fire up the grill.

And here's a little longer version that I LOVE. I love the coaches words at the beginning.


Emma came out after school yesterday fresh from PE.  They have PE out on the football field.  The team does 3 practices a day, one of which is during Emma's PE period.  She informed me that they practice with their shirts off, and are super muscley, like men, not boys.  And have facial hair.  Lord.  All I could say was that if she doesn't get an A in PE this year, at least I know what was distracting her.

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