Friday, August 12, 2016


We love summer at our house.  If you've followed along, you know we lived it up this summer.  Lots of trips and visits and fun.  The one thing I personally hate about summer is the lack of routine.  The first month off is great....but after that I miss having a daily routine and knowing exactly what's happening.  I grasp at straws trying to keep some sort of structure by making lists of what needs done, and having planners visible on the fridge and in my purse.  Everything is written down from dr appointments, to play dates, dinner dates, days shopping needs done....but the nitty gritty of our daily lives have no structure.  Bedtimes go out the window, wake up times go away, my normal daily routine disappears.  I guess that's what summers all about?? Relaxing, enjoying the break from real life??  Well, I'm over it!

Thankfully, with Emma starting high school this week, I was able to jump on the opportunity it gives to get back into a routine!  Yes, only 1 out of 3 kids is back to school, but what the hay....they can all go back on school routine, right? Works for me.  Beds at 9, and they are up at 6:30.  We get Emma off to school at 7:30, and are on the mountain at 8.  The first few days, Myles was not that enthusiastic...but he quickly got on board and is really enjoying starting our day off with an hour hike out of Mitchel Canyon.  Then it's home for Myles to do an hour of school work on the computer using the program he uses at school.  Sophie and I sit at the table with him and play cards while he works.  He sometimes needs help, so that way I'm right there with him, but able to spend time with Sophie, too. Then he has to write me a paragraph, rough and final copy.  After that, they do xbox for their 1 hr a day that they get on it, and then it's darn close to lunch time.  After that, well it's chaos......but I'm happy to have at least half a day of routine!

Here's some pictures for you, starting with my day school clothes shopping with Emma.  This was the first year she and I went alone, and made a day of it. We started at Pete's for breakfast, and then shopped till 6 that night.  It was a blast : )
This was at the end of the day, we were showing Brian everything we got.  He looks happy, no? Yes, she's taller than me now.
Heading out for the first day of high school!

 That tree is in our front yard and if you look at the top you can see that it's changing color already, and covering the yard with leaves already.
 Sometimes he wants to ride his bike instead of hike. 

A little mountain friend.

Another mountain friend.

And another...

Feels so, so good to get back on my mountain! It smells so good, and the air in the morning is so clean and crisp.  It's been such a great way to start the day!

Another added element to our routine....Friday night high school football games!  Starting tonight!!
Have a great weekend!

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