Tuesday, October 4, 2016

After Years of Almost

Finally!! You guys....I've been trying to get a good bobcat shot for so long!  By good, I really just mean not a picture of a blurry dark figure on the trail.  You mostly have had to take my word for it that what I'm seeing is actually a bobcat.  Well, this morning I was trying to figure out why this ground squirrel was sounding the alarm.  If you've heard them chirp, it's super loud, and he was chirping his little heart out.  I saw a dark figure move out from behind a tree, maybe 15 ft from where I stood.
I was in total shock. I had been taking pictures of this squirrel for at least a minute. Then there's this beautiful face looking at me.  He quickly headed down the hill, and I did not hesitate to chase after it, frantically clicking away.  I was so hoping I would get one good picture.
I knew my camera was about to die. I had spent quite a while getting pics of a buck and his friends earlier in this hike and spent my battery. I just kept taking pictures as I followed him, not really knowing what I was getting.

And then.....it just stopped and looked at me.  I got one shot.....and my camera died.  I was totally bummed! I fumbled around and got my phone out and took a ton of pictures of a blurry blob.
 This one above is funny because it went down into the creek bed to get away from me.....but I followed it and tried to find it.  After I climbed out of the bushes back up onto the trail, it was totally chillin, just sitting there in the middle of the trail.  You are looking at him sitting there looking back over it's right shoulder at me.

Shortly after this, we parted ways. I could not see what pictures I got on my camera because it was dead.  
I got home and went straight to the comp to upload.....bingo!

I know I've told you before how they stop and look at you and wag their little tail.  Well, I swear this one smiled, too!  They have the most beautiful face.  They look so wise, like they know way more than you.  
I'm so grateful to this bobcat for finally allowing the crazy lady who was stalking it to get a decent picture!

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