Thursday, October 27, 2016

Unedited Life/Pictures

 Random life pictures from the past few days/week.....this year's school pictures have all come home.  We were out of room on our school picture wall, so that got redone with shadow boxes-

 Emma hated her pic from last year, so that's why there is a year missing if you are counting from kindergarten to 9th.
 These pictures are all poopy because they are from my phone and I'm not editing them.

I have a good friend who is downsizing.  A while back she gave us her husband's families Franciscan dinnerware.  I honestly had no idea what this stuff was, but let's just say every piece is numbered and it's special stuff. There's way more than this, complete service for 12 and all the serving dishes that go with it, and cups, saucers, platters....there's a lot.  She's been on me about using it and not just keeping it for special occasions, so this was a pic of dinner I sent to her.
 We had some friends over who couldn't get over how clean our house was. In an effort to assure her we are normal, I sent her this picture the next day-
 We had one last outdoor party, and then the next day the forecast was for rain so I hurried and "undid" the back yard for the final time. Looks so empty.
 At the party we had, a friend came over who hadn't been to our house ever.  We have one room that has a lot of clocks on the wall because we like the sounds they make.  Well, she said she had a grandmother (slightly smaller than a grandfather) clock sitting in her garage if we wanted it.  Um...yes, please.  It's amazing. Below, Myles is watching the gears and parts working from the side.

 Above is blurry but he's winding the weights up for the first time.  There are 3 weights and every few days you take a key/handle and wind them back up to the top.  Below you see it also has the phases of the moon, so the moon moves to the right as the days pass.  We are still reading up on how to set that correctly.

 This was the teen game night at our place-
 I got a new horse head.  Random, but makes me happy.
 My Fuzzy Navel pre arrival of teens for game night.
 Brian and Kona napping and trying not to mess up the bed. BTW, everyone who sees our bed says it's bigger than a king should be.  Brian is 6'1, and laying sideways across it has feet of extra room, same length wise.   I don't know how big a king "should be", so to me it's normal. 

 Kona is always somewhere our our bed.
 Homecoming game night.  Another blow out.  Not sure if it's the players, or coaching, but these guys just don't lose, and it's never even close.  Like 80 something to 7, or 50 something to 7.
 This one doesn't need to be enlarged.  Emma's school has an open phone policy, kids can have their phones out all day long.  She texts me a lot during the day.  She text at one point asking me what I was doing...and I was doing her chores, which hadn't been done, or at least done properly, in way too long.  This was the pic I sent her.
 Because when having teens over all you really need is a lot of candy, and pizza and they are happy.
 Thursday nights from 6-8 are family time.  Homework or whatever else is happening stops for those 2 hours and we work on something together, and end it with home made goodness.  This was a berry cobbler.
 Last Thursday we re-read the verses about the ark and how it was to be made (3 stories, windows, covered in tar, etc) and then the boys took half, and the girls took half, and went to work building.  For sure a 2 week project, it should get finished tonight.
  Lastly, Brian came home from getting groceries with this!!! I was so excited!  I hope to get a hotel, just the 2 of us, snuggle in, and watch it from start to finish!  One of my favorites.

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  1. Ahhh thanks for sharing the "real life", especially the toilet. ;).....wonder if your bed is a cal king? LOVE the school pictures!