Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Buck Up, It's Tuesday!

That was going to be "Buck Up, It's Monday", but really this is a Tuesday that is our Monday, so it works. Anyhow, I mentioned in the bobcat post that I had used up my battery taking pictures of a buck and his friends.  Thought I'd share a few of those on this fine Monday/Tuesday!


As you can imagine, between these guys, and the bobcat that came afterwards, it was a great morning to have been out on the mountain.  I felt so filled up with happiness after this hike!

We had a 3 day weekend here (except for Brian).  It was the weekend the yard gets winterized.  As much as it needs to, which isn't much living in CA.  The pool went away, we did our second round of raking the leaves up (this will happen about 10 more times), all our wooden tables and chairs move inside to the garage, and any toys that shouldn't get wet move inside.
I finally made the side of the house presentable.  This is usually where the garbage bins are, lawn mower and bbq, and inevitably anything that needs to go to the dump gets thrown over here.  Now it looks great, and since the kids usually hang out in the back part of the yard, it has already turned into a space I can get some quiet time!

 Above, my cleaned out side of the house, and below, the back yard w/pool gone. You can see how many leaves need to fall still. 

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