Monday, February 21, 2011


As you already know, Feb started off with our half down in Huntington Beach. You don't know that I came out of that with an issue in my right foot. I haven't mentioned it because I have a team commitment next month, and I don't' want to freak anyone out. I have babied it for 2 weeks, stayed off it as much as possible(as far as running goes), iced, IBP'd, elevated,...and this is the biggie...have only done 2 5 milers. It is much much better, and I am nearly pain free. It kills me to not be getting runs in, I want to get out there so bad. But I am focused on the long term ramifications of running on it too soon, and am making myself hold off a few more days.
So what have we been doing?? Well.....

I have been hanging out w/these monkeys

I have been working to get some shoulder definition......
so that when I drop my curling iron onto said shoulder crease it just
sits there, perfectly balanced, instead of falling off and onto the floor.

I have been working in the kids classrooms, as usual.

Went to an awesome Science Fair where I was way proud of both my girls.

Getting my sweat on with my Insanity workouts

Picked up my girls from school on V-Day Party days (one was on Friday, one on Tuesday). I ran while they rode their bikes from the school to Jamba Juice, and then back after the parties were over. These trips made up the 2 runs of 5 miles each that I mentioned above.

I went for a great hike with my kids and my friend, Anna, in Shell Ridge. It started off with a little drizzle, and this amazing rainbow.

We had an entertaining family study night. The kids acted out the story we covered the week involved a talking donkey.

Bubba telling us about the red rope hanging out the window.

We have had a few service breaks....

We went up to Mt. Diablo to find some snow. It's always a treat when the snow is 5 minutes away instead of a 5 hour drive away.

After playing in the snow, we spent a few minutes flipping things over to see what critters we could find. The first rock I flipped I found this scorpion. I expected it to be slow, but it was very feisty and didn't like me poking it and moving it around with a stick.

Last, but not least, Emma made us wonderful pancakes this morning for breakfast.

There have been some other things going on too....not necessarily kodak moments though. Brian had a talk out yesterday about an hour away. We were up and out by 8:40, got to the hall at 9:40 and found a totally full parking lot...somethings not right! Spanish cong had their meeting at 9:30...a bro said the next meeting was at 12. We waited....and waited...12:30 someone shows up and lets us know the meeting was at 1. Funny thing is I usually don't go w/Brian when he has talks out, but he was giving a new outline and I wanted to be supportive, so we all went. Arg..
We have also been working on being more hospitable and having people over. We have had some great fun the past 2 months having different friends over for dinner. Last night we had a fun round of pitch black, all the lights out, hide and seek with our family and a couple in the hall. A few nights ago another couple brought over their Wii and everyone had fun with that. are caught up, and off we go for our hike!

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