Monday, February 28, 2011

Race Instructions Like No Other

You know I like to share race day instructions when they are a few of the highlights from the Big Sur Mud Run's race day instructions that arrived today!
The course is an approximate 5 mile loop
course. Click HERE to view course map. It is partially
on the road and partially on trails and includes sand,
hills, water, obstacles, drill sergeants and four mud pits.
You will get wet and you will get muddy. There will be
outdoor showers outside the stadium after you finish the
race. Be sure to bring towels & a change of clothing.

• Be sure to bring a trash bag for muddy clothes
• Leave your jewelry at home, and wallets and cell
phones in your car. Don’t wear Ipods! We are not
responsible for lost or damaged property
• Medical support will be available on the course and
at the finish
• Encourage those around you and offer help if
needed. This is a FUN RUN!
• Be sure your shoes are tied don’t want
them sucked off your feet in a mud pit

AID STATIONS: There is an aid station with porta potties
on the course and there are refreshments at the
finish. There is one beer station on the course. If your bib
does not show your age, you may not partake. Team
captains are responsible for their team members. We
reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Sounds enjoyable, no?? Did I mention there are enough crazies out there that this race sold out?? We will be among 250 teams of 5, plus 1250 individual runners.
I was not nervous about this race until today.......I have not kept up with my 'covered in mud running through sand uphill' training. Better get on that.


  1. I am so fired up for this race. :)

  2. you are our fearless leader.....better be fired up!
    Are you in PA??

  3. Oh, sounds like so much fun. I have some friends here trying to get me to do the Dirty Dash in July.Not so sure about that!