Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We have been keeping it quiet for a while now......

Our family is expecting a new addition!!!

We are expecting another boy.

We have been keeping it quiet and low key, but now that we have told the kids they are very very very excited and are alive with the excitement of having a new little one around to look after and take care of.

We have decided to let the kids pick his name, so now the only question is will we have a little, harry, black "Prince Charming".....or "Bolt"....or "Kona".....or "Nemo" running around the house?

We will see him for the first time on Saturday and after we have him home and get to know him better, we will put names in a hat and pick one.

I love Miniature Schnauzer's and while it has been many years since we had Tuff Tuff, I can't wait to have another puppy in the house and all the excitement and adventure they bring. Bubba will have a partner by his side in the jogger again!

So....did I have you going for a minute???


  1. Nope, not me, :) Have fun with the puppy! I vote for Bolt.

  2. Me either. I like "Prince" Charming.