Friday, March 4, 2011

Puppy Love

We just got home with our little man. He is such a love!! He has a beautiful mom and papa and had lots of sisters and one brother. He cried a bit on the way home, but now is off and exploring his new home and has already had his first outside potty!


  1. Awww CUTE! Did you figure out a name?

  2. M- The kids all have names they are putting in a hat....but I want them to wait until tomorrow. They are playing with him right I want them to see what he's like before they settle on the names they will put into the hat.
    I want to rig the drawing so 'Kona' is picked....but I'd feel we may still end up w/a boy named Nemo. : )
    I'll let you know what comes out of the hat tomorrow!

  3. I like Kona! Im still rooting for Bolt though. He looks like a great new friend. Congratulations!