Monday, March 7, 2011

Let the Streaking Begin!

Starting today, I will streak every day, once a day, for at least a mile.

I mean that in the running sense of course. In January I thought about having a goal of a year long streak, which is the more traditional way of streaking. There are groups, clubs, organizations all across the country that you can join. I thought about it for a minute.....but seeing how the last few months have been about resting up and recovering from last year, didn't seem like a bright idea.

Now, however, I find myself a few months later, and very, very well rested. : ) We do have 2 fulls on the calendar in the next 8 months, but training for San Fran wont start until mid April. We are Auxiliary Pioneering in April (under the 30 hour plan) and will get all our time in on the training will completely consist of mid week runs, probably under 10 miles depending on daylight in the evenings. We have a few fun races between now and San Fran, but nothing that will require "training" what is a girl to do to get re-motivated. How do I start to even want to get my "game face" back on?? I have definitely kept up with my workouts, haven't' missed any and on some days have done doubles, back to back....let me just say...if you find yourself keeping up with your strength training and not keeping up with your running....don't get on the scale!!

So, back to running. Well, it's always been about goals for us. If we don't have a goal, we aren't working towards anything, and we tend to slack off. I love running, and I would love to be able to say I love it so much and I care about my health enough that I run regularly because of both. But that's not the truth. I run regularly when I have something to train for, or a matter how random. Remember spring break 2 years ago?? The 40 miles in 4 days challenge?? No reason, just to see if we could...and we did. So for me, this month, it's The Streak. Run every day, for at least 1 mile. Treadmill, outside...doesn't matter.

We had 'date night' on Saturday and ended up at Sports Authority where my hubby let me spend more time and money than I should have. I have 2 new running skirts, a new (and may I add amazing!) Under Armor sports bra, a Nike running top, and a random shirt. I am very much NOT a Nike fan ( I will save that for another post), but it was a cheap top, and fit well. I am geared up in my new clothes, ready to get day #1 of the streak underway!

Before that though, I must give a shout out to my fellow Mud Run gals. I cannot say enough how amazing you both are looking (and feeling, I'm sure!). I know you have both put a lot of hard work into the past few months, and it is showing! You have both totally impressed me and amazed me with your determination and drive and commitment to getting ready for this race. You have also instilled a fear that I didn't have initially in regard to this race, but am now a little worried about keeping up with the 2 of you! You should both feel great about what you have accomplished!

Oh, one more thing I forgot to add to the schedule on the side over there, but we added the Diablo Trails Challenge on March 19th. This is a course we are very familiar with having hiked it often with the kids. It starts out of Castle Rock Park (the hike we do w/the've seen pictures here before, Melissa and kids hiked here w/us, too) and is a run we have been wanting to do w/the kids. It is a wet one, muddy one, has a few creek crossings this time of year, and should be a total blast. Brian, me, Em and Soph are doing the 5k. It is a Brazen run, so of course the girls will be out there w/a goal of getting age division medals, although this is a popular run and it will be tough!

Alright, well.....time to streak!

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